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Leaving WordPress

January 9, 2007

In the nature of my contrary personality, I have moved my blog to Blogger/Blogspot and left WordPress. I like WordPress and would eagerly continue using it but I want to use a free service and software. Blogger recently upped its game and has introduced new features such as photo uploading with less storage limitations than WordPress. It has also added new ways to manipulate its templates so sections can be created and moved about at whim to achieve a certain design goal. And lastly, Blogger allows a great deal of customized work on the html, css, and other programming languages that make up the behind the scene framework for what is seen on a web page. WordPress doesn’t allow this type of customization on its freebie blogs and has a 50mb storage limit for pictures. The remainng feature that WordPress has that Blogger doesn’t are Pages. But that isn’t enough to keep me here, so it’s bye, bye WordPress.

When I set up this blog I also set up a parallel blog on Blogger. You can find Rustling Leaves over there. I’m still keeping a blog here on WordPress as I never know what the future will bring. I also use it to dry-run posts before I contribute to Cold Climate Gardening.


Another Gardening Blog?!

October 2, 2006

I’ve been letting the idea of this blog dominate and plague me for the past few days. At first I was in denial. Is this what I should be doing and why me? Is anyone really interested in yet another gardening blog? I have read quite a few blogs and have found only a handful that have truly engaged and inspired me. Is this blog going to be one that I would be interested in? I’m hoping it will and wish it will always be that way.

Now I’m tussling with the fun part. My choice for a publishing platform was between Blogger and WordPress. Both have basic versions that are hosted for free, unlike Technorati. Blogger is incredibly easy to use and uploads pictures faster than I expected. But I chose WordPress because its feature set is richer and allows more customization, especially in the basic edition. But its complexity leaves me frustrated at times so this blog will be tinkered, monkey-wrenched and hopefully polished as it evolves.

It’s the kind of challenge I enjoy, playing with a new toy and gaining the satisfaction of learning and mastering a new skill. Just like gardening. I hope to always be thrilled, surprised, and enthused by what is outside my door.

First Post

October 2, 2006

Welcome to the first posting on my new blog. It’s pretty exciting for me as I never saw myself being here. But as with most things in life, change is a constant. Whether we wish, plan, dread, or are indifferent to it, change will happen.

Most of the postings will be about gardening and plants, living a rural life, and our place in relation to the land, plants, and animals that encompass us. But as with most people, I have many and varied interests that will be popping up from time to time.

My goal is to initiate a conversation and leave everyone with a broader understanding of the world surrounding us.