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Another Gardening Blog?!

October 2, 2006

I’ve been letting the idea of this blog dominate and plague me for the past few days. At first I was in denial. Is this what I should be doing and why me? Is anyone really interested in yet another gardening blog? I have read quite a few blogs and have found only a handful that have truly engaged and inspired me. Is this blog going to be one that I would be interested in? I’m hoping it will and wish it will always be that way.

Now I’m tussling with the fun part. My choice for a publishing platform was between Blogger and WordPress. Both have basic versions that are hosted for free, unlike Technorati. Blogger is incredibly easy to use and uploads pictures faster than I expected. But I chose WordPress because its feature set is richer and allows more customization, especially in the basic edition. But its complexity leaves me frustrated at times so this blog will be tinkered, monkey-wrenched and hopefully polished as it evolves.

It’s the kind of challenge I enjoy, playing with a new toy and gaining the satisfaction of learning and mastering a new skill. Just like gardening. I hope to always be thrilled, surprised, and enthused by what is outside my door.