seed sowing toolsUnfamiliar seed companies with offerings that go far beyond what is available from mainstream suppliers. Be warned that many are mostly text with few pictures but perseverance will be greatly rewarded.


Ginny Hunt is the dynamo behind this seed company. An excellent and well edited listing of so many unusual plants that I invariably have to dig through my references to try to keep up. Many are progeny from her hybridizing efforts and a great deal of her listings are collected from her garden. Outstanding collection of Salvias and companion plants. Special treats are her Restios, extraordinary grass-like plants that take on the aspects of living sculpture. All of you Zone 9ers and West Coast gardeners should make a beeline for them.

Jim and Jenny Archibald

Jim and Jenny Archibald are renown throughout the world for disseminating seeds from their extensive collection of plants wild-collected throughout the world. So many new introductions to horticulture plus reintroductions and differing clones of known plants. From their website:

We specialize in supplying seeds from wild species of non-woody plants of potential garden-value to the most advanced amateur and professional growers throughout the cool-temperate and continental climatic regions of the world.

Plant World Seeds

Ray Brown is the head of Plant World Seeds. He offers an eclectic and fascinating assemblage of mostly perennial seeds. Ray has a keen eye and has introduced many plants to horticulture. On-going breeding programs such as Aquilegias and extensive selections of Dieramas, hardy Geraniums, Digitalis, and Meconopsis are just some of what he’s been up to. Add to them seeds collected around the world to make a tantalizing catalog. Best of all: superior germination from fresh seed.

Secret Seeds

Secret Seeds out of Devon should not be such a secret. I was hooked after seeing their Lathyrus page with so many species I never knew existed. Heirloom garden sweet peas can be found on the Climbers page. Spotlighted listings of Aquilegias, Campanulas, Lupines, Primulas, plus many others make for fun browsing. Organic vegetable and herb seeds round out their inventory. Many of their stock plants are from wild-collected seeds and the photography is from their gardens.


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