Botanical Specific Epithets

Epithets which are Geographical
Epithets describing Habitat
Epithets describing Habit
Epithets alluding to Seasons
Epithets describing Leaves
Epithets describing Leaf Shapes
Epithets describing Flowers
Epithets describing Colors
Epithets describing Aromas and Scents
Epithets alluding to Other Plants
Epithets which are commemorative
Miscellaneous Epithets


Epithets which are Geographical

afghanistanica   of Afghanistan
arizonica   of Arizona
atlantica(um)(us)   of the Atlas Mountains (North Africa)
australe(is)   southern
boreale(is)   northern
californica(um)(us)   of California
canadense(is)   of Canada or Eastern U.S.
canariensis   of Canary Islands
capense(is)   of the Cape (South Africa)
chiapensis   of Chiapas – Mexico
chiahuahuana   of Chiahuana – U.S. & Mexico
chinenese(is)   of China
europaea(um)(us)   of Europe
himalaica(um)(us)   of the Himalayas
hispanica(um)(us)   of Spain
iberica(um)(us)   of Spain
idahoense(is)   of Idaho
indica(um)(us)   of India
japonica(um)(us)   of Japan
korainese(is)   of Korea
lusitanica(um)(us)   of Portugal
mexicana(um)   of Mexico
michoacana   of Michoacan – Mexico
missouriense(is)   of Missouri
nepalense(is)   of Nepal
nip(p)onica(um)(us)   of Japan
novae-angliae   of New England
novi-belgi   of New York
oaxacana   of Oaxaca – Mexico
occidentale(is)   western
orientale(is)   eastern
pen(n)sylvaticum   of Pennsylvania
peruviana(um)   of Peru
sinaloensis   of Sinaloa – Mexico
sinense(is)   of China
syriaca(us)   of Syria – Middle East
taiwanense(is)   of Taiwan
texensis   of Texas
turkestanica   of Turkestan
virginiana   of Virginia
yezoense(is)   of Hokkaido – Japan
yunnanense(is)   of Yunnan – western China


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Epithets describing Habitat

alpestre(is)   of mountains
alpicola   of mountains
alpina(um)(us)   of the Alps or growing in alpine regions
arenaria   of sandy areas
arvense(is)   of fields or cultivated land
aquatica(um)(us)   of water or growing by water
basaltica(um)(us)   of basaltic rock
campestre(is)   of plains or flat areas
cliva(orum)   of the hills
fluviatile(is)   of rivers
foninale(is)   of fountains
glacialis   of cold areas
littorale(is)   of sea shores
maritima(um)(us)   by the sea
montana(um)(us)   of mountains
oreophila(um)(us)   mountain loving
palustre(is)   of swamps or marshes
saxitile(is)(um)   of rocks
sylvatica(um)(us)   of woods


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Epithets describing Habit

arborea(um)(us)   tree-like
fastigata(um)(us)   erect (the branches)
fruticosa(um)(us)   shrubby
horizontale(is)   horizontally growing
humile(is)   low-growing
major(us)   greater
minor(us)   lesser
nana(um)(us)   dwarf
pendula(um)(us)   pendulous or weeping
procera(um)(us)   very tall or high
procumbens   procumbent or creeping
prostrata(um)(us)   prostrate or hugging the ground
repens   creeping and rooting
scandens   climbing
suffruticosa(um)(us)   woody at base


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Epithets alluding to Seasons

aestivale(is)   of summer
autumnale(is)   of fall
hyberna(um)(us)   of winter
hyemale(is)   of winter
vernale(is)   of spring


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Epithets describing Leaves

angustifolia(um)(us)   narrow-leaved
arguta(um)(us)   sharp
coriacea(um)(us)   leathery or coriaceous
crassifolia(um)(us)   thick-leaved
curtifolia(um)(us)   short-leaved
decidua(um)(us)   deciduous
glabra(um)(us)   without hairs
herterophylla(um)(us)   variably-leaved
hirsuta(um)(us)   hairy
incana(um)(us)   grey-downy
integrifolia(um)(us)   without teeth
laevigata(um)(us)   smooth and polished
latifolia(um)(us)   broad-leaved
macrophylla(um)(us)   large-leaved
maculata(um)(us)   spotted or blotched
microphylla(um)(us)   small-leaved
molle(is)   soft
nitida(um)(us)   shining
parvifolia(um)(us)   small-leaved
picta(um)(us)   painted or colored
pinnata(um)(us)   divided like a feather
platyphylla(os)(um)(us)   broad-leaved
reticulata(um)(us)   net-veined
rugosa   wrinkled
scaber(ra)(um)   rough
scabiosa(um)(us)   rough
sempervirens   always green or evergreen
tomentosa(um)(us)   covered with a short dense pubescense
variegata(um)(us)   variegated or two-colored
velutina(um)(us)   velvety


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Epithets describing Leaf Shapes

cordifolia(um)(us)   heart-shaped
nummularia(um)(us)   coin-shaped
oblongifolia(um)(us)   longer than broad
obtusfolia(um)(us)   blunt
rotundifolia(um)(us)   round


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Epithets describing Flowers
atro when added as a prefix indicates “dark”

barbata(um)(us)   with beard
campanulata(um)(us)   bell-shaped
confertiflora(um)(us)   densely
corymbiflora(um)(us)   flowers in a corymb
corymbosa(um)(us)   full of corymbs
floribunda(um)(us)   free-flowering
grandiflora(um)(us)   large-flowered
laxiflora(um)(us)   loose-flowered
macropetala(um)(us)   large-petalled
nudiflora(um)(us)   naked or without leaves
nutans   nodding
paniculata(um)(us)   flowering in cone-shaped panicles
parviflora(um)(us)   small-flowered
pauciflora(um)(us)   few-flowered
polyantha(um)(us)   many-flowered
racemosa(um)(us)   flowers in racemes
secundiflora(um)(us)   flowers on one side
semperflorens   always flowering
spicata(um)(us)   flowers in spikes
stellata(um)(us)   starry
triflora(um)(us)   flowers in threes
umbellata(um)(us)   flowers in umbels: yarrow
uniflora(um)(us)   one-flowered


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Epithets describing Colors
atro when added as a prefix indicates “dark”

alba(um)(us)   white
argentea(um)(us)   silvery
aurantiaca(um)(us)   orange
aurea(um)(us)   golden
bicolor   two-colored
carnea(um)(us)   flesh-colored
caerulea(um)(us)   blue
cinerea(um)(us)   ash-grey
coccinea(um)(us)   scarlet
concolor   of the same color
discolor   two-colored
ferruginea(um)(us)   rusty brown
flava(um)(us)   pale yellow
glauca(um)(us)   sea-green
lactea(um)(us)   milk-white
lilacina(um)(us)   lilac
lutea(um)(us)   yellow
nigra(um)(us)   black
punicea(um)(us)   crimson
purpurea(um)(us)   purple
rosea(um)(us)   rose-colored
rubra(um)(us)   red
sanguinea(um)(us)   blood-red
tri-color   three-colored
variegata(um)(us)   variegated or two-colored
versicolor   variously colored or changing color
violacea(um)(us)   violet
viride(is)   green


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Epithets describing Aromas and Scents

citriodora(um)(us)   lemon-scented
foetida(um)(us)   stong-smelling or unpleasant
foetidissima(um)(us)   bad smelling
fragrantissima(um)(us)   most frangrant
graveolens   smelling unpleasantly
odorata(um)(us)   sweet-scented
odoratissima(um)(us)   sweetest-scented
moschata(um)(us)   musk-scented
suaveolens   sweet-scented


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Epithets alluding to Other Plants

aesculifolia(um)(us)   Horse Chestnut-leaved
alnifolia(um)(us)   Alder-leaved
antirrhiniflora(um)(us)   Snapdragon-flowered
betulifolia(um)(us)   Birch-leaved
bignonioides   Bignonia-like (trumpet vine foliage or flowers)
clematiflora(um)(us)   Clematis-flowered
crataegufolia(um)(us)   Hawthorn-leaved
jasminea   Jasmine-like
lilliflora(um)(us)   Lily-flowered
laurifolia(um)(us)   Laurel-leaved
pseudoplatanus   False Plane
quercifolia(um)(us)   Oak-leaved
salicifolia(um)(us)   Willow-leaved
sambucifolia(um)(us)   Elderberry-leaved
thymifolia(um)(us)   Thyme-leaved
thymoides   Thyme-like
tulipifera(um)(us)   Tulip-bearing
ulnifolia(um)(us)   Elm-leaved


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Epithets which are Commemorative
This list contains samples from a very large group.
Honorariums often end in i or ii (ee-eye).

davidii   after Father Armand David
delavayi   after the Abbé Delavay
douglasii   after David Douglas – Scottish botanist
harryana(um)(us)   after Sir Harry Veitch
henryana(um)(us)   after Dr Augustine Henry
hookeri   after Sir Joseph Hooker
menziesii   after Archibald Menzies – Scot. Dr. & naturalist
thunbergii   after Carl Peter Thunberg
williamsiana(um)(us)   after Mr J. C. Williams
willmottiana(um)(us)   after Miss Ellen Willmott
wilsoniae   after Mrs E. H. Wilson


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Miscellaneous Epithets

aestivale(is)   of summer
affine(is)   related to another species
alata(um)(us)   winged
amabile(is)   lovely
ambigua(um)(us)   doubtful identity
amoena(um)(us)   charming or pleasing
autumnale(is)   of fall
bella(um)(us)   pretty
coccifera(um)(us)   berry bearing
commune(is)   common or occurring in plenty
concinna(um)(us)   elegant
confusa(um)(us)   confused identity
coronaria(um)(us)   for wreaths or garlands
costata(um)(us)   ribbed
cuspidata(um)(us)   stiff point
dulce(is)   sweet
edule(is)   edible
foecundissima(um)(us)   fruitful or abundant
florida(um)(us)   flowering
flos-cuculi   cuckoo flowering
flos-jovis   flower of Jupiter
flos-reginae   queen’s flower
formosa(um)(us)   handsome or beautiful
hybrida(um)(us)   hybrid
insigne(is)   outstanding
intermedia(um)(us)   intermediate
media(um)(us)   middle or midway between
noli-tangere   do not touch
occulta(um)(us)   hidden
ocellata(um)(us)   little eyed
oculata(um)(us)   eyed
officinale(is)   of the shop or herbal
orbiculata(um)(us)   circular
praecox   early
princepe(is)   distinguished
pulchella(um)(us)   beautiful
sativa(um)(us)   sown or planted or cultivated
scoparia(um)(us)   broom-like
somnifer(a)(um)   sleep inducing
speciosa(um)(us)   showy
speciosissima(um)(us)   showiest
spectabile(is)   notable or spectacle
utile(is)   useful
viscosa(um)(us)   sticky
vulgare(is)   common


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